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Erynn Hangen Violin Studio, LLC

I am a Suzuki-certified violin instructor in the Metro-DC area, and I currently teach at at my studio in Falls Church, Virginia.  I have taught students as young as 3 as well as the most advanced high school students for more than 12 years. I completed my pedagogical training with many renowned teachers, including Carrie Reuning-Hummel, Mark Mutter, Teri Einfeldt, Allen Lieb, Linda Fiore, Jeanne Grover, Rebecca Henry, and Ronda Cole. I also was one of 175 attendees at the Starling-DeLay Symposium at Juilliard, spring of 2019.

Together with Stephanie Flack, our studios combine to make the performing group Northern Virginia Preludio Strings. Our program includes weekly private lessons, 2 group classes every month, and several performances throughout the year. We have performed many places, including the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, Wolf Trap, the George Washington Masonic Temple, as well as several international tours to both Germany, Austria, and England. 

As Dr. Suzuki taught the world, I live by the conviction that everyone can learn to play the violin. All of us have the potential to express ourselves through music, especially when we're taught in a nurturing environment. I seek inspire my students to strive for exceptionally high standards of playing in an encouraging environment that emphasizes the joy of making music and the magic of artistic expression.

To accomplish this, I emphasize the development of a secure technical foundation, which includes a relaxed stance and violin hold, effortless motions and confident execution. By utilizing the Suzuki method, as well as the study of scales, etudes, and other technical exercises, students will quickly develop this foundation. They can then beautifully express their unique musical ideas, which is the highest aspiration of any artist.


On this thrilling journey to musical freedom and artistry, parents walk side-by-side with their young violinists, especially those under 12. Parents who attend all the lessons, group classes, and recitals, as well as practice at home with their children daily will see great improvements in a short amount of time. As students mature and develop they will become more independent. Daily practice is based on what is taught in lessons, with a great focus on reviewing previous pieces. Additionally, listening to the Suzuki CD enables students to learn effortlessly. This method, though designed for students as young as 4 or 5, inspires students of any age to excel.

I am also excited to teach all my students to read music. From the first lesson, we begin exploring note-reading. Once students couple their secure technical foundation with strong note-reading skills, the wonder of orchestral and chamber music is open to them.


Learning the violin is an immensely rewarding experience. I wish to instill in my students a love of the instrument and of music, a strong work ethic, a sense of self-worth, and, as Shinichi Suzuki said, “a beautiful heart.”

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